Thursday, September 19, 2019

Kapaa: Paniolo Santa Maria Style Barbecue

It could have beeen great.

We showed up at the right time and grabbed a great table right in front of the stage.

We ordered the tri-tip nachos and they proved to be excellent.

Then the music started, and it was way too loud on open-mike night for us.

We moved inside and it was way too hot for us. Aren’t we fussy?

We ordered the two-meat plate to share but they were out of pork ribs and out of tri-tip, odd since a mainstay of Santa Maria Barbecue is tri-tip.

We went with chicken and boneless pork, both underwhelming.

The side of onion rings was excellent.

It was all reasonably priced and we feel like curmudgeons for not enjoying it all.

We’d try them again on a return trip.

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