Saturday, April 17, 2021

A Cape Fear River Cruise on Henrietta

We stroll the entire one-mile length of the RiverWalk today between our hotel and the other end.

 We board a sightseeing boat, Henrietta, for a reasonably-priced one hour cruise, and learn a couple of interesting facts along the way.

First, those big logs we see floating by before boarding are actually going upstream. Post-dredging, Cape Fear River is tidal and changes waterflow direction a couple of times a day.

The river got its name from the fearfully hazardous shoals near the
mouth. Today it hardly seems fearful.

The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge is actually an elevator bridge.

It’s 408-foot center span can be raised 135 feet.

The massive Port of Wilmington loads petroleum, wood chips, wood pellets (used for heating in Europe), and containers.

A pleasant hour on the water.

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