Monday, April 19, 2021

Raleigh Overnight

We drive up to Raleigh on a Sunday afternoon and check in at our downtown Hampton Inn.

It’s in the “Entertainment District,” basically a bunch of noisy bars and restaurants catering to the nearby North Carolina State students and anybody else who likes cheap booze and lots of noise.

The desk clerk kindly finds us a room on the quiet side - lucky we aren’t  on the loud side!

Later it’s dinner at a noisy but pleasant Mexican joint, La Santa, where Kathy chooses Carne Asada and Brian grilled tacos barbacoa.

This morning after checking out we go for a stroll in the locally famous Pullen Park, and even ride the miniature train.

We’ve enjoyed our fill of Italian, Mexican, and Southern cuisine, so our final lunch is at Croquette, a French bistro in a big shopping mall, where we’re savoring their presentation of escargots and, of course, croquettes, before tackling the lunch-special Beef Bourguignon.


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