Friday, August 12, 2022

Options in Ground Transportation

We're flying to Albuquerque in a few weeks, and renting a car to drive up to Colorado. All we can do is hope that the car we reserved will be waiting for us at the airport. Tales of rental shortages are widespread and many would-be renters have been dismayed to find out there's no car available.

Christopher Elliott's column in USA Today covers a lot of ground (no pun intended) and is worth reading. Unfortunately, we don't see any tips that would help us in the event our rental fell though.

Traveling this summer? It's never too soon to start planning your ground transportation.

We'll certainly check out some of the apps he recommends. 


Bob said...

I now rent several cars from different agencies

Kathy and Brian said...

There is quite a bit of discussion about that on various travel blogs. At one level, reserving multiple rentals may add to the problem. On the other hand, when we land at ABQ on the Labor Day weekend, if the car we reserved isn't available, we're in a world of hurt. In the short term, having a backup rental seems to be an unfortunate but prudent decision.

FS said...

So far, I've not had any major issues getting a rental car. I did, unfortunately, overpay last summer while in Bar Harbor, though there weren't too many options available for a week long rental in late June. My last rental in DTW to renew NEXUS wasn't too expensive, though the Hertz PC area had basically nothing more than some basic sedans and a couple SUVs.

Kathy and Brian said...

It's hard NOT to overpay, or at least to pay much more than we're historically used to paying. We utilize AutoSlash, and often get a good deal through our Costco membership travel portal. Sometimes, though, there are no bargains to be had.