Tuesday, March 21, 2023

At the Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront and Beyond

It’s the second time we’ve stayed here within a month, and it’s a perfectly decent property.

A minor nuisance for SFO hotel shuttles is that many are contracted out and consist of a fleet of large black vans with the hotel names ONLY on the side. This requires some quick reading when they arrive.

We caught one with decent timing and were checked bin promptly to our bayfront (wowie) room on the 11th floor.

There’s an Executive Lounge on the 15th floor but it was, well, quiet (actually empty).

We headed to the lobby restaurant and enjoyed our hamburgers, with our $30 Diamond food credit making the $20 burgers a reasonable deal.

It’s now nearly 4:00AM Tuesday and we’re in the lobby with a few other cheerful customers and a sleepy security guard awaiting our shuttle back to the airport’s Terminal 1.

Another adventurous travel day beckons us, as we plan to fly American SFO-JFK-CDG.

We can’t help but be impressed by the new (2021) and visually stunning Harvey Milk Terminal 1. The TSA PreCheck line was short and features the same kind of convenient pull-out tray arrangement as we’ve seen at LHR and other international airports.

We enter a bright and shiny Admirals Club. The coffee is excellent and former New York Governor Cuomo obviously thinks so too.

He’ll be on our SFO-JFK flight. Someone approaches him and he seems very friendly, which is impressive at 5:00.
He does get to board first, unsurprisingly.

A few years ago we sat immediately in front of former Minnesota Governor Ventura on a flight into Minneapolis. Today we sit several rows and one class (we’re in business) behind another former governor.

We’ll all arrive at about the same time. In the meantime we’ll be perfectly comfortable.

And a good breakfast to restart the day…

We landed at JFK after a good flight and will be spending the 3-4 hours between flights in the AA /BA Soho Lounge, reviewed below by One Mile at a Time’s Ben:

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