Friday, March 24, 2023

At a Strasbourg Market

France enjoys a true market culture, and Strasbourg hosts a market nearly every day of the week.

We stumbled on a Friday market that stretched close to two city blocks. We had been wandering around admiring the many Germanic-style buildings.

It’s easy to think we’re in Germany rather than France.

Suddenly we see the market.

We were impressed by the variety of offerings, as well as by the purpose-built (a marvelously descriptive British word) vehicles utilized by these mobile entrepreneurs.

The House of Aromas: what a great name for a spice store…

It was a great place to window shop. Later on it started to pour, and the closest place to duck in for lunch was a so-called New York-style delicatessen that was actually a pizza and pasta joint. It was reasonably priced and tasty.

We then retreated to our hotel via tram to dry off. Friday evening seemed quieter than the previous night, and we’re hoping we can catch a regional train to Colmar Saturday. We learned by asking at La Gare that we can use the ticket for our canceled train on any regional train, provided the trains are running.

We’ll see what Saturday brings.

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