Tuesday, January 2, 2024

The American Airlines Flagship Lounge at DFW

Yes, thanks to an early arrival at DFW’s Terminal C from an early-morning but thoroughly enjoyable AA flight from YVR, we quickly caught a Skylink automated train that circumnavigates the airport terminals A through E.

What an efficient and well-signed system it is. Almost before we knew it, we were being welcomed into the Flagship Lounge with a glass of sparkling wine.

We had time to partake of a quite decent buffet before heading off to board our DFW-LHR flight.

Brian enjoyed a couple House Chips. This is our second visit here within a few months, and we could get ourselves quite used to it. We didn’t even realize our DFW-LHR flight was Flagship service until a few days ago, a pleasant surprise.

Now it’s off to London.


Daz said...

I meant but forgot to message you yesterday evening when I read about your trip. I assumed you'd be hitting up our lounge in DFW.

I was going to ask you to have a glass of champagne for me ;-)

Kathy and Brian said...

Thanks, Daz! We did think about our fairly recent meeting there. We not only drank some sparkling wine but had enough time to assemble a nice little buffet dinner. That allowed us to skip dinner on our DFW-LHR flight and to get a few hours of sleep fairly soon after takeoff. A pleasant lounge!