Monday, January 8, 2024

Visiting the Aspire Lounge at LCA (Larnaca Cyprus)

Our first taxi apparently had a “problem,” but the indefatigable George promptly sent a second one, and the friendly driver drove us to the airport as we chatted about Cyprus.

It’s a modern facility and we were quickly through passport control and fast-track security with our mobile boarding passes.

The Aspire Lounge is the British Airways contract lounge at LCA, and quite pleasant, as well as being uncrowded when we arrived.

There’s a covered outdoor deck that looked tempting but we decided to stay in.

There’s a decent selection of food and booze.

They feature Dolmades and other tasty-looking items.

We’re nicely settled in for the next 90 minutes before boarding our flight on BA 663, LCA-LHR.


Anonymous said...

Dolamdes …. Seriously U2 were at a bistro I think, not an airport lounge!

Kathy and Brian said...

It wasn’t quite that good, but it wasn’t too bad, as lounges go.