Monday, March 23, 2009

The Alhambra of Granada

According to Wikipedia, The Alhambra (from Arabic الْحَمْرَاء = Al-Ħamrā', literally "the red one"; the complete name was الْقَلْعَةُ ٱلْحَمْرَاءُ = al-Qal'at al-Ħamrā' = "the red fortress") is a palace and fortress complex of the Moorish rulers of Granada in southern Spain (known as Al-Andalus when the fortress was constructed during the mid 14th century), occupying a hilly terrace on the southeastern border of the city of Granada.

Here are some views of the Alhambra taken from the next hill. The taxi trips up and down the hill to get to this vantage point were as exciting as a carnival ride.

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