Friday, March 27, 2009

La Triviata and the (un)Lucky 8

The Lucky 8 Pictured Left to Right in Regatta Lounge: Brian,Kathy,Bud,Jessie,Elizabeth,Earl,Naomi,Stanley

It seems like a long time since we posted this about our upcoming cruise. Along with dining well and striving to bridge the gaps in our bridge knowledge on our Regatta Transatlantic cruise, we enjoyed Team Trivia nearly every afternoon, hosted by our genial cruise director, David Shermet.

The Lucky 8 (Naomi's suggestion) finished in a respectable third place two or three times early on, and remained fairly competitive until the last few days before the roof fell in. Even David, like a sympathetic teacher, quietly returned our final 9/21 score to us privately rather than posting it publicly!

We learned (and promptly forgot) many new obscure facts, but the best part was enjoying each others' company and having fun in our trivial pursuits for an hour every afternoon.

And besides, where else could you learn that the country with the lowest birthrate is the Vatican, or that spermology is the study of trivia?


Anonymous said...

Shorts and long socks are not a good mix! LOL (I wonder if this comment will get approved.)

Kathy and Brian said...

It's actually an example of Oceania's country-club casual elegance, and Brian continues to notice many favorable glances at his legs.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if "favorable" is the word you are looking for!

Kathy and Brian said...

Children, especially one's own children, can be very critical. Heh heh...

All I know is that people stare, grin, and occasionally even whisper to each other. That's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

I hope they don't use that question about spermology on our cruise, because it's wrong!

There is no standard dictionary that gives that definition. It originally
appeared in a Playboy list of words.

The Oxford English Dictionary (which
should be used as the reference to end
all definition arguments, gives the
definition as the study of sperm or
seeds (most dictionaries define it as
the study of seeds).

An obsolete definition given by the OED
is "an instance of trifling or babbling
talk" which refers to gossip.

Kathy and Brian said...

Yes, we noticed when doing our own post-cruise research that there is indeed at least one preferred definition (study of seeds), and that sperm fit too, so to speak.

If the question arises again, we will prove our erudition by answering "the study of seeds or the collection of trivia."