Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here’s “Us” at ------ Ugh!

One of our children, Kim, mentioned that she liked the picture we’ve recently placed at the top of the blog. Hmmm…

We had to scour our modest collection of digital photos to find us standing in front of a famous site – in this case Darling Harbour and the Sydney Opera House.

Why? We enthusiatically despise the practice of ruining a picture of one of the wonders of the world by placing our own mugs in the foreground. That reminds us of a story – our visit to Cairo a couple of years ago.

We stayed at the Nile Hilton and engaged a relatively expensive guide through the on-site American Express office. She proved to be a very, er, interesting person who claimed to have been a pediatrician before she grew tired of "seeing babies die" and changed her profession to that of “guide.” She also proclaimed herself a Coptic Christian, the “original” Egyptians before the Muslims took over Egypt.

Finally, she continued to press Brian repeatedly and to insist from his physiognomy that he’s Jewish (he’s not, unless the Welsh that’s a quarter of his blood truly constitutes one of the Lost Tribes of Israel). So many people stuck in the past...

Anyhow, she insisted we pose for the pictures that she claimed all tourists love when they visit the pyramids and the Sphinx.

Need we say more about tourist pictures? See for yourself.

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