Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to HNL

Just as we were leaving the DEN RCC our "Easy Update" started to work overtime, in conjunction with the departure screen. To make a longer story shorter, our DEN-HNL flight was delayed and delayed again and again, first for "mechanical" and then for "maintenance," and then "arriving from..." No guarantee absolutely that it might ever leave. What to do?

Thanks to the concierges at the RCC, we first got protected and then rerouted through L.A. Our itinerary for the day now reads SEA-DEN-LAX-HNL,which will add a few extra miles to our accounts.

We're sending this from the LAX RCC and our DEN-HNL flight has probably just taken off. Still, we're happy to know that we've earned extra miles, we're still in First Class, we'll actually arrive a little sooner, and, most important, if there's a flight problem we still have an early morning flight LAX-HNL to fall back on to make that once-weekly flight HNL-PPT tomorrow afternoon.

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