Monday, May 10, 2010

Paradise Found: Hilton Moorea Resort

Today we hit the jackpot. We stopped by the front desk on the way to breakfast and asked a staff member, Barbara, about the possibility of an upgrade to an over-the-water bungalow. She spent a lot of time checking and then asked us to return after breakfast.

We ate Mother’s Day breakfast overlooking the ocean. What a view it is. After breakfast Barbara told us we could choose between one beach-facing bungalow for five nights or a reef-facing bungalow for four nights, with a return to a regular bungalow for the last night. She suggested we go and look at them. We thought that either looked great and decided to go with the one available for five nights.

By the time we’d returned to the front desk, something had gone wrong and it was only available for four nights. Then something went right again and it was available for five nights. So, to finish up a short story made long, we moved into our new over-the-water bungalow about noon and spent the day alternating between lying on our deck and snorkeling in the water below.

The water is very warm and we can pretty well walk on the bottom in our water shoes most places. Our deck has stairs down to a small lower deck with a ladder from there into the water. A shower adds a nice touch, allowing us to rinse ourselves and our snorkel equipment after climbing out.

We have the light on right now underneath the bungalow and are watching fish swim by through the glass section of the floor. What a feature that is. We ate crepes for dinner at the little crepes bar just down a few bungalows from us. We think we can handle five nights of this just fine.


Kim said...

Sounds so amazing! The glass floor is a pretty neat feature.

Dennis Warner said...

It sounds like you've found paradise and a place you'll return to in the future. Enjoy!