Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Seoul-Full Memories Of Our Night Dining Tour

Back in April we visited Seoul with Tom and Ellyn. One of the highlights was the Night Dining Tour.

Now our touring companions that evening, Mark, Stacie and Evan, have forwarded a a brief video of our tour to host Daniel, who's posted it at his own site, Seoul Eats.

It's enough to make us look for a return trip. Thanks for the memories, Mark.


  1. I'm glad to hear your Seoul Eats experience was so positive. I'm returning to ICN in October for 3 days -- hoping to make the DMZ tour this time -- and think an evening dining stroll will be a good addition to my itinerary. Which of the tours did you opt for? How far in advance did you book? Hope to see you both soon. SINning next January?

  2. We chose the "night dining tour." We only booked a week or so in advance. It was quite enjoyable. Since a lot of people in Seoul understandably don't speak English, it was also a quite convenient opportunity to ask a variety of questions, even those not directly connected with food.