Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gingerbread Houses And Roll-Aboards

We're trying to organize ourselves to depart from home late this morning. Before we fly to Miami early Wednesday morning (a visit to Key West followed by a 10-night Caribbean cruise on Oceania, we have to walk two grandkids across the Canadian border to their parents on a busy November 11 weekend after an overnight visit, drive to Wenatchee to visit two more, and from there back over to Issaquah to visit the remaining three. That's seven grandchildren in three locations in four days.

In the meantime, Jake and Taegan did a fine job decorating Kathy's made-from-scratch gingerbread house. We'll have to declare it to the Canadian authorities as priceless.

Decorating the house itself is a work-in-progress to be completed this morning, but the trees are well covered.

Best of all, objective taste tests of the scraps reveal that homemade gingerbread does indeed taste better.

The finished product...

And now for the tricky part - keeping it intact as we walk across the border on a rainy and windy day.

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Unknown said...

Awesome!! Lucky kids!