Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Passing Scene At MIA

First, let's point out the positive aspects of our four-hour wait in the G Concourse of MIA. The facility itself is fairly modern and relatively clean, if you don't look too closely. Additionally, it's not that crowded today. We paid about $8 for all the Internet we need and found seats near an outlet without too much difficulty.

It's not all sweetness though. The announcements are just a touch too loud and given in two languages, heavily-accented English and Spanish. The food facilities are abysmal - a Pizza Hut Express is the highlight - and we've settled for weak but hot coffee.

Finally, we've experienced two people yelling loudly in our general vicinity. The first, an obviously annoyed passenger, was swearing loudly into her wireless at some relative who was apparently taking up with an individual she clearly dislikes. We know she dislikes him because of the unprintable language she used.

The second "yeller" was an employee using a walkie-talkie to give directions about doing something to another employee outside. He's apparently of the school of the thought that, when somebody doesn't understand what you say, yell even more loudly.

Ah well, it breaks up the monotony.

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