Friday, December 2, 2011

Rights Of Passage: Fighting Flight Fiascos

From time to time friends and relatives ask us about their rights in regard to problems they're experiencing with an airline.

A recent piece in USA Today provides a useful summary. There are limits to what we can do when an airline does everything from cancel a flight to lose your luggage, and it's good to know where you stand.

What are your rights when you fly?

There's the Bill of Rights, and Thomas Paine's Rights of Man, and the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But what about your "rights" when you fly? Do you have any, really? What recourse do you have when something goes bump in the flight? You might be surprised to learn that even though the U.S. D.O.T. has recently announced some new passenger regulations, there are probably fewer than you think, and your rights vary depending on the country you're flying within or from. Here's a rundown...

You can read it all here.

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