Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cuddle Class On Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand came up with what's probably the most interesting positive innovation in coach seating in years.

After a lot of research and testing in a secret warehouse, they've rolled out a customized row of three economy seats for two passengers. A flip-up leg rest allows a couple to cuddle together and lie flat on their "sky couch" on long-haul flights.

The typical surcharge is $500 to $800 per flight. Would we pay that for the opportunity to lie flat on, say, a 14-hour flight to New Zealand? Absolutely.

Scott McCartney's Wall Street Journal Middle Seat column describing it, complete with photos, may be found here.

You can also read about the other alternatives they considered. Cool!

On the other hand, this review in the Australian Business Traveller points out that these seats are situated in a 777 with a seat configuration of 3-4-3, featuring narrow seats and narrow aisles. It's probably better than nothing but it's going to be crowded.

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