Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Opera Of The Slovak National Theatre: Buying Tickets For This Bratislava Bargain

In November we mentioned here that we're planning to return to Bratislava in March 2012, the main objective being performances of three (actually four) of our favorite operas.

Yesterday, in a fit of remorse over his previous procrastination, Brian tried to buy tickets on the official site. He was eventually successful in printing out tickets for Die Zauberflöte but couldn't even find the other operas.

He did, however, come across an e-mail contact for "Foreign Visitors Reservations" and sent off an appeal for assistance.

Lo and behold, he found a friendly reply upon opening his inbox this morning. We now have tickets reserved for La bohème and that deadly double bill of Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci. The cost for center seats in the orchestra section in Rows 3, 4, and 5? Between 25 and 30 Euros each!

In celebration we're listening to the marvelous Diana Damrau singing the Queen of The Night here.

Update: Brian sent a thank-you e-mail to the individual for her assistance:

Dear xxx,

Thank you so very much for your prompt reply. Those are exactly the tickets we would have chosen, and we can pick them up when we are attending the Magic Flute.

My wife and I greatly appreciate your timely assistance and are looking forward to our three evenings of opera in your beautiful city.

Yours sincerely,
Brian Warner

The e-mail reply from Bratislava?

Thank you dear Brian.



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