Saturday, November 19, 2011

Never Rent A Car With A Black Interior

No, it has nothing to do with lint. That's Kathy's new motto after first losing and then finding her iPod Touch on the seat of our Dodge Avenger as we returned it to the Budget Miami Airport location, and then noticing our fairly new GPS unit was missing as we were standing in line for our receipt after dropping off the car.

She ran back to where we'd left the car but it had already been moved. She asked a manager for help and asked her what car we'd had. Kathy's reply, "It's a red one," wasn't sufficiently detailed, so she and the manager intercepted Brian and he escorted us over to the area where the car was already lined up for a wash.

He was gone for a long time and we'd just about given up when he returned, holding our GPS unit, complete in its little black case. It was lying on the back seat and probably fell there as Kathy reached in to retrieve a bottle of water.

Thank you, Richard, of Miami Airport Budget, for taking the time. That was worth a thank-you note to Budget that's now been sent. Next time we'll specify a beige interior.

The drive back from Key West was more pleasant than the drive down, and we're now back in the Sheraton Airport, a short walk from the rental garage, and ready to think about boarding Oceania's Regatta tomorrow for our 10-night cruise.

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