Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Longest Airport Walks

We ran across an article purporting to rank the longest walks between check-in and plane. We'll assume the distances are ordinarily about the same as those between arrival and the baggage carousel.

It brought to mind our most recent trip, since ZRH (Zurich) is listed as the second-longest walk among airports. If we recall correctly, the reason for that is that passengers arriving in a newer terminal have to walk all the way under a runway before going back upstairs to claim their baggage. More than once we thought we were lost. It surprised us because it makes ZRH feel like a huge airport. As well, it just doesn't seem that logical a layout for the logical Swiss, but undoubtedly there are logical reasons they've arranged it this way.

We've visited most of the airports on the list and noticed long walks at a couple of airports not mentioned, even when transiting from one flight to another - IAH (Houston), ORD (Chicago) and LAX (Los Angeles) immediately come to mind - but there's no question the airports mentioned provide lengthy strolls. Moving walkways and escalators do help.

World's Longest Airport Walks Between Entrance And Furthest Gate In Terminal (PHOTOS)

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