Thursday, August 16, 2012

When Dining Well Is The Best Revenge

After our hot, tiring and ultimately frustrating day ashore in St. Tropez during our July cruise, we reward ourselves with dinner in our suite from one of Riviera's specialty restaurants, Jacques, with food that lives up to Oceania's standards and to its impressive menu. The treats include Les Escargots, La Soupe Gratiné à l’Oignon, Le Ros Bif comme Frites, and, for dessert (a real splurge that we definitely earned and deserved that night), Mousse au Chocolat and Tarte aux Pommes Frangipane (Jacques’ Favorite Apple Tart with Hazelnut Cream).

Bon appétit...


  1. It must have been nice to eat escargot without a 7 year old talking about slimy snails and making gagging sounds across from you, that was my last experience.

    1. Hmm... Let us guess who that might be. We can't quite imagine.