Monday, December 2, 2013

Newark Stopover

The TSA check point for UA at MIA doesn't have pre-check but they were willing to treat us like pre-check anyway. We kept our shoes on and they allowed us through the metal detector. Sometimes it pays to co-operate with Big Brother.

We enjoyed our flight MIA-EWR, which included a light lunch in First and Direct TV. Our "international" boarding passes (we're bound for Vancouver today) gave us access to a United Club here. That may be a change in policy as we seem to recall flights to Canada formerly designated as "trans-border" with no club access, much to the annoyance of Canadians. It's hot and crowded and we feel lucky to have found a couple of quiet seats adjacent to a restroom.

Then again, even in our early retirement days of flying through EWR on Continental fairly often, we never thought much of it.

On other unsettling discovery: We've read on FlyerTalk about the new carry-on sizers United is introducing. We sneaked a try at one just now at an empty gate and it's a really close call for our bags. A go-by-the-book gate agent could really mess up our day. Granted, all of our bags are stuffed full for our past month of travel so we'll have to keep our fingers crossed. Even the wheels on roll-aboard don't fit all that well, yet those bags have flown hundreds of thousands of miles with us and always fit into the overhead compartments, just as they did today.

We fly from here to Chicago, and have a really tight connection (just over 30 minutes) to get from one flight to the other. Brian needs every last mile to requalify for one last year of 1K but if we get as far as Chicago, no matter how we're re-routed we should end up with enough miles to put him over.

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