Friday, February 7, 2014

Fly Day

Yes, Friday is Fly Day for us. We're packing up and in a while Tom and Ellyn will drive us to the airport, possibly with one more stop at Usinger's along the way.

We've enjoyed a great whirlwind time in Milwaukee. One of the highlights was a visit with the 90-year-old cousin of Kathy's mother. Patti and her husband John are in great shape, considering everything, and we spent most of our time poring over the family photos and letters that Patti had carefully researched in advance of our visit.

Annie, one of their daughters, was also there, and we had met her previously on an Alaska cruise upwards of 15 years ago. Time has a way of flying.

Speaking of flying, our first flight today is a short hope from Milwaukee to Chicago, followed by a flight to Seattle. Strangely, we both got upgraded to First Class, which will make up for arriving in Seattle at 8:30 p.m. and driving home.

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