Sunday, February 2, 2014

Three Sisters Tacoma Szechuan Chinese Restaurant

We read the reviews and gave it a try. From the moment we entered the restaurant we all felt like we were back in the Middle Kingdom. The joint looks like a restaurant in China and, more important, it smells like a restaurant in China.

Tom charmed the hostess into bringing us the best food they had to offer for the money we put up. He lost her when he described the menu as "extensive" - English is her second language and she defended against it being "expensive." She also anxiously asked repeatedly if we liked it "spicy" - obviously some previous patrons have complained of singed tastebuds.

Once we got through all that, the food started to arrive and it proved to be a feast. No two dishes tasted alike and we encountered some interesting effects, including slight mouth-numbing for Tom and Kathy.

Despite our best efforts we had to surrender and take a couple of boxes with us for Tom to dip into while he watches the Super Bowl.

This is closer to "hardcore Chinese," as we describe it, and we thoroughly enjoyed our one-evening trip to China.

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