Saturday, February 8, 2014

Seattle And Happily Not Sleepless

By the time we landed last night we were feeling too tired to look forward to our 2 1/2-hour drive home. The Doubletree offered us a good rate, we had our seventh day of parking left, and we toddled off to bed once we had stored the sausages in our cold car.

We'll drive back to Birch Bay a little later this morning and hope to avoid the snow showers mentioned in the weather reports.


Unknown said...

Hi! Kathy and Brian, I'm Wendy!(sheraton club lounge)
How's your trips going so far? There's so many good detial about the trips in your blog. I'm so enjoy about the photos you took and so many experience to share about Taiwan and other place you have been to traveled! Makes my desire of travel more than before! :) i will keep in touch to your blog! Hope to see you both soon in taiwan! Sincerely best wish.

Kathy and Brian said...

Hi Wendy, It's great to hear from you. We did enjoy our stay with you and, yes, we love to travel and to share our experiences. There are so many more opportunities to travel than ever before without spending a lot of money. We would love to return to Taiwan. We tell everyone how much we enjoyed it.

Keep in touch!

Best wishes from Kathy and Brian