Sunday, April 19, 2015

Warsaw Old Town: Lunch at Freta 33

Rain started to fall as we reached about the farthest point from the bus stop in our walk through Warsaw's Old Town. We tried out our Trip Advisor App, which promptly informed us that 40 feet away at Freta 33 Street sat a restaurant ranked Number 141 out of 1,322 Warsaw restaurants. Its name, appropriately enough, is Restauracja Freta 33.

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch that included a leek soup for both of us, a penne made with spinach, sundried tomatoes, garlic, and feta cheese for Kathy, and a Baltic Cod for Brian, a fish new to us.

We chatted briefly with Marta, the charming propietor, before leaving, and found out her excellent English was due to her having spent time in San Francisco.

The rain had stopped and we wandered back toward the bus stop with full stomachs, admiring the sights along the way.

Back at our hotel, we did some research to find out why President Herbert Hoover was honored in Warsaw with Herberta Clarka Hoovera Square and found an explanation here

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