Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Traveling Light

Shortly after we boarded our second train at Basel, the inter-city beauty that's taking  us to the Frankfurt Airport Bahnhof, a middle-aged quartet managed to stow their really large suitcases with three in the aisle and one perched somewhat precariously in the overhead rack with some assistance from Brian.

What possesses people to pack so much? Actually, some members of our own family show the same symptoms.

They then proceeded to chat quite continuously, or at least continuously enough to be mildly annoying to us, while blocking much of the aisle with three large suitcases, creating a nuisance for everybody walking by. They were happy chatting, almost as if it was their first time on a train.

A couple of stops later a man and his wife boarded. After walking up and down the aisle, he pointed out to the group that they were in the wrong seats.

His wife was clearly angry at him for making a scene, but we silently cheered him for sticking to his guns and dispersing the noisy crew to their own individual seats. 

We do enjoy peace and quiet sometimes, especially after sleeping at odd hours as we've been doing.

And they leave us after their two-hour ride.


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