Sunday, June 2, 2019

From the Shenzhen Courtyard Northwest to SZX

The predicted rain held off so we pay part of our hotel bill with our modest amount of cash and walk the two blocks to the metro. All we have to do is to reverse these excellent instructions we found on Trip Advisor:

After reaching Fuyong Station, two stops from airport, take Exit A. After going up the stairs/escalator, you will see a large intersection to your front right. Go to that intersection and cross the road in the same direction as when you exiting the Exit A of the Fuyong Station. After crossing the intersection, there's a small park on your left, just keep going straight. You will find a large glass building on your left (the ITT Mall), the hotel is right adjacent to the mall.”

There’s one major intersection to cross but we have a lot of company.

There are also puddles to duck and we’re only partially successful.

We can’t squeeze into the first subway, so we wait six minutes and manage the next one. It’s two stops and about 7-8 minutes in total.

We put our bags through an X-ray machine to board the metro. We put our bags through another machine to enter the airport. We put them through again when going through Customs, and of course a fourth time when we go through boarding security.

As we check in at the Hainan counter, we have time to admire the spectacular airport architecture. No wonder it’s on some “best airport” lists.

Once through security and exit immigration, we approach the contract lounge. 

They direct us to the First Class Lounge down the way.

Here we are again welcomed with smiles and informed we will be called when the flight boards and driven to it in a shuttle. Hainan clearly saves money by parking  at remote gates.

The lounge is nothing special, conforming reviews we’ve read, but it’s a comfortable place to relax after our recent commute.

From hotel to the lounge has taken us over 1 1/2 hours and we feel like we’ve already put in a day of travel. 

We’re ready to be pampered by Hainan on the last flight of this trip.

In the meantime, we’ll contemplate the beverage storage area and accompanying warning.

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