Thursday, March 5, 2020

A Soggy Visit to the Tower of London

After our visit to the Bank of England, we were only a total of two stops on two tubes away from the Tower of London, and decided to pay it a visit.

The Hilton Bankside had lent us two Corporate Member cards, which gave us free admission to the Tower, otherwise a whopping £26 each advance purchase.about US $34. The ticket price on-site is an amazing £38, about US $50!

We arrived just as a Beefeater was starting a tour, but even today it was somewhat crowded, and somewhat rainy, and Kathy’s ankle is still bothering her.

We set off on our own and concentrated our efforts on the magnificent Crown Jewels exhibit, with no photos allowed. It was absolutely uncrowded so we could enjoy the details. That’s the bright side of a rainy day.

To return to our hotel, we caught a Thames River Clipper, using our Oyster cards, thereby saving ourselves a lot of walking in the Underground stations, since the Bankside Pier is only an easy two-block walk from the Hilton. 

 With exquisite timing, we’ve made it back in time for the Executive Lounge’s outstanding  Happy Hour.

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