Sunday, January 29, 2023

Albuquerque Asian Eats: Neo Szechuan Makes Our List

We’ve enjoyed a number of Albuquerque Asian restaurants over the years at least as far back as 2010, mainly recommended by Kathy’s brother Tom, who is always seeking out opportunities to dine on Chinese and Thai dishes as a change from the more common southwest fare.  

We enjoyed our first visit to Neo Szechuan just a few months ago, and decided to return, especially since we’d found a couple of Chile Ristros to take home with us at a store just a few blocks away.

And so we traveled from one spicy spot to another.

It's spelled Nio on its sign but Neo everywhere else.

The little restaurant was more crowded on a Friday night than it had been on our first visit, and we were fortunate to have arrived early. We ordered steamed dumplings as an appetizer and then shared a spicy chicken and an eggplant hot pot, both high on the list of dishes recommended in reviews.

Both were delicious, although at the upper edge of our spicy Szechuan scale. Kathy’s brothers would probably have asked for more chile flakes.

The service was a little slow, obviously due to the large takeout business they were doing, but friendly.

We can now doubly recommend this little joint, whether Neo or Nio, as definitely worth a stop.

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