Sunday, September 11, 2022

Lunch at Albuquerque’s Nio Szechuan

Recommended by Kathy’s brother, and rated highly by Yelp users, we just had to try this little strip-mall joint out before returning our rental car at ABQ and settling in at the airport Hilton Garden Inn.

At 2:00 PM Sunday, we were greeted enthusiastically and found ourselves the only diners in the place.

That's a two-sided menu with a lot of choices. Sometimes it's a dangerous sign when a restaurant takes on too much, but that fortunately isn't the case here.

The food impressed us. We started with tasty steamed wontons.

Our second dish, garlic shrimp, was equally delicious.

Our third and final order was a spicy fried chicken.

We thanked the chef and asked for a photo with him.

He apparently worked in Las Vegas (Monte Carlo, etc.) before coming to Albuquerque.

Kathy’s brother has recommended several Albuquerque eating establishments over the years. This could well be the best of them.

Szechuan spicy with great flavors coming through. We’d love to come back. Just don’t go for the atmosphere.

Go for the food. You can check out their website here:

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