Sunday, October 22, 2023

A Suitcase of Mistaken Identity

We left the SEA Doubletree on the 8:30AM airport shuttle, a largish bus with only four other passengers.

We were the last ones off and Brian’s silver rollaboard had already disappeared, while a blue one similar in color to Kathy’s remained.

Once the driver gave up trying to convince us that this was our rollaboard, he took some ownership and went upstairs with Brian on the escalator, while Kathy took the elevator and caught up with the woman who’d taken Brian’s bag.

The woman first claimed she had her own rollaboard until she looked at it; “Oh my!”

Her explanation was that Brian’s was the bag the driver had placed in front of her at the curb, and she hadn’t really looked.

This is Kathy’s rollaboard, roughly the same color as the other passenger’s…

This is Brian’s…

We thanked the driver for seeing it through with us, and will email hotel management to commend him.

One final apology from our fellow passenger and we were off to a crowded but fast-moving TSA PreCheck line, where Kathy’s rollaboard was searched for the power converter she’s carrying, completely different from the jewelry and playing cards that set off searches yesterday at BLI… layers and layers of security…

We’re back in the same renovated Alaska Lounge that we visited yesterday. The day is young and after the rollaboard switch we think we’ve earned our barista-made Cappuccinos.

We have a long day ahead of us.

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