Thursday, October 26, 2023

Planes, Trains, and Elevators

After a night of sleep and a good breakfast at the Heathrow Hilton, we flew via British Airways to Milan.

We enjoyed a veddy British afternoon tea on this flight, the best plane food experienced on this outbound trip.

Once landed at MXP, we went through Immigration without delay, an e-gate followed by an official stamping our passports.

A free bus took us from Terminal 1 to 2, near which we checked in at the slightly “hip” Moxy by Marriott Hotel, and a postage-stamp size (but clean and comfy) room.

We enjoyed a light and tasty dinner before a few more hours of sleep.

The next morning we checked out and returned to Terminal 1 to greet Tom, Ellyn, and Greg as they landed after a long combination of flights DRO-DEN-FRA~MXP.

We took a train to downtown Milan, checked in at the impressive Hilton Milan, and enjoyed our first dinner together in the surprisingly good hotel restaurant.

After a tasty breakfast buffet at the Hilton, we trundled our bags the couple of blocks back to the Stazione Centrale to catch the train to Brescia. 

For some reason the train was nearly two hours late, leaving us with little to in the cavernous station. We killed time with Cappuccinos first at a Burger Kimg and later at Starbucks, basically buying seats.

The 30-minute train ride was anticlimactic. A fairly new metro system enabled us to ride from the station to a Hal-block from our hotel, but an uncooperative elevator in the metro station trapped us for a few minutes, and we talked to a disembodied voice through the speaker for the first time ever.

The voice promised help and fairly soon the power came on and we escaped, shlepping our luggage up two flights of stairs and over to the Doubletree.

Later we enjoyed a huge and reasonably priced dinner at La Rondinelle, not far away. Even the Italian caviar (!) was affordable.

Fish soup, a Cioppino, was Kathy’s choice.

It was all delicious, including the pizza.

Today we’re off to Parma for a reunion tour with Laura, our excellent 2020 guide.

We’re sleepy but excited.


FS said...

Great pics as usual! Getting hungry here as I read the post... :)

Kathy and Brian said...

Great food still to be found in Italy!