Monday, October 30, 2023

Wandering in Brescia

After our busy day in Parma, we were ready for an unstructured day of looking around Brescia.

We rode the Metro for a few stops and decided on a Cappuccino stop. What a bargain this is in Italy at €2.50 a cup.

From there we climbed up to the Castello - the ancient castle- that overlooks the city.

We visited two excellent little museums, one devoted to armaments and the brand new museum devoted to the Risorgimento, the 19th century movement that led to a unified modern Italy.

We even had time notice Tom’s resemblance to a nearby sculpture.

In Trieste, we walked several miles on Sunday, thereby feeling we’d earned dinner at a pizza joint in a large modern restaurant and retail complex called Eataly.

We enjoyed the scenic nighttime walk back to the Doubletree.

Monday morning we were up early enough to enjoy some breakfast and another excellent Cappuccino (always Doppio or Double Shot) before catching a ride to Riviera.

We’re now on board and snug in our staterooms.

We’re sailing tonight toward our first port, Split, Croatia.

Bon Voyage to us!

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