Monday, June 1, 2009

The London Lounge at LHR "in transit"

No, we didn't get the upgrade ORD-LHR but our exit row seats on the 767 were surprisingly comfortable and we had lots of room. In fact, we both slept for a minimium of four hours and probably closer to five. Finally, our dinners, as mediocre as they were, were superior to the dinners we consumed in Business Class flying SYD-LAX a few days ago, which were probably the worst biz meals we've ever encountered, even with our separate choices. No, we're pretty realistic about plane food.

Our bus transfer to Terminal 3 was quite painless and here we sit in the lovely London Lounge waiting to head for our gate to fly SAS to ARN (Stockholm).

The flight is fairly full and our seats are about ten rows apart. A kind agent at least switched the one window seat to an aisle so we can both stick our legs out a bit and it won't hurt us to spend some time apart after YVR-ORD-LHR. Kathy seems downright enthusiastic at the thought!

We just brought in an e-mail from our Danish "daughter" Lene, who is planning to bring her two boys by train to see when we are docked in Copenhagen. It's about four hours each way or we would have happily done it ourselves. We're really touched that she's arranged a day off to do that and are looking forward to seeing her and her boys (and maybe her mother as well). Whether it's Tivoli Gardens or an ice-cream shop we hope to have the chance to spoil Matthias and August (we'll fix up any spelling mistakes later).

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