Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Special Day in Copenhagen

An unsurpassed highlight to this cruise was a reunion with our Danish exchange "daughter" Lene and the chance to take her and her two fabulous little boys to Tivoli Gardens. As we cruised past windmills on our way into the dock at Copenhagen, our former exchange student Lene was transporting Lauritz, age 4, and August, age 1, into Copenhagen by train.

We managed to arrive at the track where their train was arriving about two minutes before the train pulled in and there they were, ready for action. They're not very cute, are they?

Lene (she's Doctor Lene now and well on her way to being an orthopedic surgeon)took us for a long walk around the city. She doesn't know Copenhagen as well as she knows Aarhus, so we were actually lost for part of the time, but it's a flat city, we needed the exercise, and Lene was the one pushing the carriage!

We stopped for lunch at one of the restaurants lining the canal.


There's always something to look at, even while having a drink.


We weren't going to let the rain, and even a sudden torrential downpour, slow us down.

After lunch we strolled by the Royal Palace but the guard had already changed and there was a lone and damp sentry standing on duty.

As we walked off lunch, we kept our fingers crossed that the weather would remain decent enough to enjoy Copenhagen's world-famous highlight for children.

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Dennis said...

Great pictures and commentary. Maureen and I look forward to visiting some of these places within the next few years.