Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Sunny Day in London Town

Yes, the sun was really shining on London this morning, a pleasant change after we got soaked in a downpour last night, complete with thunder and lightning, as we took the Tube to Wicked. It was a terrific production which made the drenching worthwhile, and we'd pretty well dried out while riding the Tube. The special effects were impressive and the performances were first-rate.

This morning we bought discounted tickets to a matinee performance of Jersey Boys at the Prince Edward Theatre near Leicester Square.

We strolled around St. James's Park, enjoying the sunny weather and doing some people-watching before catching the Tube at the St. James's Underground Station back to Leicester Square. After an okay lunch at an Indian restaurant near the theatre, we wandered over to the theatre and took our seats.

It was another great performance. The plot line is, as reviewers have pointed out, fairly thin, biographies told in turn of each of the four original members of the Four Seasons, but the music was awesome and the entire audience was pumped up and on their feet by the end of the show.

Then it was back to the hotel while experiencing the packed-sardines sensation of riding the Tube during rush hour.

We've pretty well packed and plan to take the Heathrow Connect to Heathrow in the morning. It's almost as quick as the Heathrow Express and a lot cheaper. In fact, it's been claimed that the Heathrow Express is mile-for-mile the most expensive rail fare in the world.

We'll settle for our upgraded C (Business)seats on a UA 767 LHR-ORD, connecting ORD-YVR.

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