Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Excellent Resource: The Travel Insider

We just noticed that the Travel Insider Blog discussed the same incident we recently referenced, in which a United 1K alleges he was removed from the plane for "security reasons" after asking if a meal would be served. You can read the Travel Insider's take here.

Beyond the fact that great minds think alike, we've subscribed voluntarily to David Rowell's useful and entertaining newsletter for several years. He covers a wide range of topics from the aforementioned security nightmares to noise-reducing headphones and airline news.

While we haven't met this irrepressible Kiwi transplant to the Northwest in person, we've corresponded on a couple of topics and - bonus - he even had a kind word for our modest little blog the last time we were in touch.

Anybody interested in travel - active or armchair - could do a lot worse than to sign up for his free e-mailed columns.

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