Saturday, July 10, 2010

Great Location

We've found a fine hotel in a great location to stay for several nights with Jake, age 8 and Taegan, age 6.

Why is it such a great location?

Yup, that Anaheim California...

Last night we ate dinner back at the hotel after one too many rides for Jake in particular on our first afternoon and evening. A ride around the park on the Disneyland Railroad provided a great introduction, the Matterhorn was thrilling, but all that pitching around on Star Tours was one too many and the hotel restaurant was happy to cook Jake some scrambled eggs and rye toast. This morning we'll start a little more slowly.

Jake at least won't be disappointed to learn that he'll never ride Star Tours again, since it's permanently closing later this month.

1 comment:

Dennis Warner said...

We loved Star Tours. Now you've ruined our day. Hopefully they'll come up with something we like just as much.