Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Southwest Airlines Will Now Blame God for Mechanical Problems? Updated With Southwest's Clarification

The Travel Insider is all over this one...

Southwest's list of Force Majeure 'act of God' events currently includes weather, war, and various other things. And now Southwest has included 'mechanical difficulties' to this list of 'get out of jail free' excuses that it can trot out anytime it might wish.

Mechanical difficulties are an act of God? Excuse me, but that is absolutely not the case at all, and it is an insult to God to suggest that acts and omissions of humans in Southwest's maintenance department should be attributed to God.

Read it all here.


All of the media coverage got results. The Southwest representative on Flyer Talk claims in this post on the relevant FT thread that that was all just a big misunderstanding and notes that WN has now, ah, clarified their Contract of Carriage as follows:

...mechanical difficulties by entities other than Carrier...

Good idea.

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