Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adding Up Our Piles Of Miles

Somebody just e-mailed us to ask how many lifetime EQMs we'll have on UA after our flights to HNL. These are flights solely on UA "metal," i.e. United planes. It does not include flights on Star Alliance partners such as Air Canada and Lufthansa - in other words, we've already flown more than a million airline miles from 2001 onward, but only the UA miles count toward lifetime Premier Executive status.

Our total EQMs next Monday, January 24, will be:

Brian = 933,611

Kathy = 937,783.

Among our already scheduled flights to Italy at the end of January, South America in March and Australia in May, we've just about scheduled our millionth flight mile already.

It's really fortunate we're not at all obsessed with it.


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Dennis Warner said...

We're on track for a million miles as well. We've calculated that somewhere between January of 2045 and the end of 2050 we should be there!