Monday, January 17, 2011

Sleeping In Seattle At The SEA Doubletree

We really like the SEA Doubletree.

They treat us well at this spread-out property in recognition of Kathy's Hilton Diamond status with a room in the tower. Tonight we've finally attained the Penthouse level, although we don't notice much difference.

They also provide with $20 in certs good for dinner or breakfast in the restaurant downstairs. As well, they deliver a complimentary little cheese and fruit plate although tonight they seem to have forgotten about it.

There is free Internet throughout the lobby and a bank of four computers adjacent to the restaurant, although Diamonds now are entitled to free in-room Internet in all Hilton properties and we're tapping this out on our netbook up on the 13th floor.

The restaurant offers surprisingly reasonably priced dinner options starting at $12 for a really good hamburger and fries, and the chef knows how to prepare and present food.

For those times when our flights are too early or too late to stay with our Issaquah grandkids, the Park and Fly options here are surprisingly competitive, making the room itself really cheap when subtracting the cost of the equivalent parking at the nearby long term parking lots.

Only frequent flyers like us would enjoy a view of the airport and the distant rumbling sounds of planes taking off and landing.

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