Friday, January 21, 2011

LAX RCC: No Stars In Sight

After a thoroughly pleasant flight SEA-LAX on a CRJ, and a landing during which Brian spotted the HOLLYWOODLAND sign, we're sitting in the LAX RCC with our electronic gadgets and a glass of house white wine (not bad) in front of us.

FlyerTalkers seem to spot celebrities in this club quite often for obvious reasons, but we've never seen anybody. Of course, there are few stars we'd recognize in any case, so it saves us the trouble of looking.

Next flight is LAX-HNL, boarding in a little less than an hour. A good night's sleep last night in the SEA Doubletree (insert Sleepless in Seattle joke on second edit) so we're feeling up to trying UA's Mai Tais, unique to their Hawaii flights.

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