Saturday, January 1, 2011

"You Took My Seat"

After a pleasant break in that uncrowded RCC, we walk out to D6 for our IAD-MIA leg and learn we're numbers 1 and 2 on the upgrade screen with only one seat left in F. We decide the seat will be Kathy's. During boarding, a grumpy fellow roughly in our age group mutters to Kathy as he walks by, "You took my seat." She politely replies, "Is this your favorite seat?" His parting word is "No," as he struggles past her on his way to way back in Y. He also has to gate-check his bulky roll-aboard, leading to more grumbling. Kathy shares her experience with the two flight attendants up front. We wonder if Mr. Grumpy figures out that he's the target of those girlish giggles.

Our flight on an Embraer is as pleasant as a regional jet can be. Kathy sits next to a congenial young member of the U.S. Olympic Wrestling Team, and Brian sits by himself in Row 3 with all sorts of space.

We learn something new about the Embraer. We've flown far more on CRJs. Despite our loyalty toward all things Canadian, we have to agree with all of those who think the Brazilians make a slightly more comfortable regional jet. As we're about to leave our roll-aboards for gate-checking, the flight attendant assures us we can stow them aboard. By golly, we can, if we use the overheard bins on the right-hand side of the plane.

Happy New Year Mr. Grumpy, wherever you are.

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