Friday, September 23, 2011

Waikiki: Breakfast At Al Lupino

We were up fairly early this morning by Honolulu standards (note that sunrise shot in the previous post) but late by Pacific Daylight Savings Time three hours later.

After wandering a bit, we settled for breakfast at Il Lupino, a self-described trattoria that is a corporate "baby brother" of Wolfgang Puck's, according to one of our servers.

The breakfast menu is expensive by our standards, but it was less than half the price of our hotel's offerings. Besides, the coffee maker in our suite broke down after one pot and we were getting desperate for a jolt of caffeine.

Kathy chose the Frittata Fiorentina while Brian went for the Omelet Peperonata. We enjoyed them and their sides of home-fried potatoes. This meal will easily last us up to the dinner hour. Since it's right next door to the Royal Hawaiian, the hotel we're moving to later today, we might even pay a return visit.

This "little wolf" definitely provides food worth wolfing down.

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