Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bahn Thai: Greater Seattle's Best? It's Possible

What a horrendous drive - more of an extended traffic jam - into Seattle tonight. This is a result of the Alaska Way Viaduct on Highway 99 being temporarily closed for partial demolition. We arrived at our hotel nearly an hour late and wanted nothing more than to park the car for the evening.

A quick Internet check revealed well-reviewed Vietnamese and Thai restaurants two short blocks away. We went with Bahn Thai and were not at all disappointed. In fact, it was terrific.

It's located in an old house that's quite charmingly decorated. Their menu features four combination menus, something we don't find that common in Thai restaurants.

For $18.25 we enjoyed the Pattaya combo,which included a Chicken Satay appetizer, complete with a plate of peanut sauce, a delicious Tom Yum Prawn soup, and finally two entrees, Nuea Yang Wine Dang (beef marinated in red wine), and Prawns Delight, prawns with green beans covered with a rich and tantalizing sauce, plus a bowl of steamed rice.

We read elsewhere of somebody claiming it to be the best Thai food in Greater Seattle. It was a delicious meal and we'll definitely go out of our way to return here. In the meantime, since we're flying in the morning, we were diligent to make sure there weren't enough leftovers for a doggy bag. That would have broken our hearts.

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