Wednesday, October 19, 2011

on The Road To Rhode Island

A pleasant enough drive to Seattle yesterday, a pleasant stay at a Sheraton Four Points in Seattle, and a quick and quiet walk through the TSA metal detector this morning at SEA - no rubdown search for either of us.

We're on our first visit to the United Club, at least under its new name. We've spent a lot of time in the Seattle Red Carpet Club over the past few years, and it's reassuring to see the same friendly employees at the front desk.

Today we fly SEA-ORD-PVD for niece Gina's wedding this weekend. This will be our visit to Rhode Island and we're looking forward to it.

We'll have to add "laptop power cord" to our travel checklist, since Brian rolled it up into a tight little bundle at home yesterday and then failed to pack it. A stop at a Staples this morning fixed that with a replacement cord, and it's a good reminder of how forgetful we can be.

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  1. Rhode Island should be pretty this time of the year. Enjoy the wedding and enjoy the scenery!