Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Whole Lot Of Oven Goin' On

Our new oven finally arrived Saturday, delivered right into the kitchen by two friendly young fellows. It seemed timely to stop working on the floor and start working on the oven.

We pulled out the old one and dollied it out to the garage. We then found out that 30 inch wall ovens come in different sizes. Our cutout was too big for the new oven. It could have been worse - it might have been too small.

Kathy spent some frustrating time building a cookie-sheet drawer just wide enough to make use of that four-inch gap. Finally, 24 hours later we were ready to pick up the oven and hoist it into place Sunday afternoon. Luckily, the trickiest part was removing and re-installing the door.

An old TV stand made a handy spot to stow the new oven while Kathy wired it in.

Finally the beast is confined to its new cage.

It's in, complete with labor-intensive cookie sheet drawer underneath, and another time we might have cooked a turkey in honor of Canadian Thanksgiving. Instead we went out for Mexican food at Paso Del Norte in Blaine.

Wouldn't you?

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