Friday, October 21, 2011

Providence Weekend

We've already learned a few things about this part of the world, in between enjoying the company of Kathy's three brothers, their wives, a nephew and three nieces (including the bride).

First, Providence seems obviously to be a city that's been around for a long time, with lots of twisty streets and complex intersections, many of them torn up and in the process of being rebuilt. It feels quite a bit like driving in a European city.

Another factor that reminds us of Europe is when we're out on the autobahn, er, Interstate. Anything less than about 10 miles over the speed limit and you're in the way. Drivers like to tailgate and also to cut back in right in front of you after they've passed. It keeps us on our toes.

The weather is beautiful this weekend and we're enjoying it during our very short stay before climbing back on a plane Sunday morning.

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